When I started this blog page it was with the intention of sharing my journey through lay ministry. Anyone who knows me well will know that I have many interests and this has had the result of time being pulled in lots of different directions, often to the neglect of my Christian calling. Whether it be politics or work, I’m a master of distracting myself and it has often felt that I have been at a crossroads of decisions of what I should pursuing.


This feeling has been particularly prevalent in recent months because I have not only been taking on increased responsibilities with the Liberal Democrats but I have also been actively searching for a new job. Both of these ventures have occupied a lot of time and energy, and have led to me to question what path I want to take. Job hunting unleashed a very careerist part of me, I didn’t realise was there and I started seeing myself working in the city or even aboard. In addition to this there is politics, in a previous blog I talked about my year anniversary with the Liberal Democrats and my intention to run for Parliament. As you can see I was being pulled in many different directions, and listening to everyone apart from the one person that really matters – God.

Now, please don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with being career driven or seeking election; in fact we need more committed Christians in all professions – especially finance and politics. However, I was ignoring what God was calling me to do, and as Jesus tends to do, he turned everything on its head just when I thought I had settled on a path (he has a knack of challenging our plans). So I had just started a new role and had decided that I was going to run for Parliament, ministry can wait. Jesus, however, had other plans and what followed was a month of uncertainty in the decisions I had made and a real drop in my mood. And then out of no-where, clarity; I woke up and knew what I was doing wrong, I was ignoring God’s call – a call I’ve had since I became a Christian 4 years ago; the call to commit my life to ministry.

What shape that ministry will take, is starting to become clearer to me but I still have a long way to go, but I know with certainty that it was what I need to be focusing my energy on. So where does that leave my other interests and my career, well I’m still a member of Lib Dems, and while I no longer intend to seek election I plan on remaining an active member/commentator (always a politico). It’s exciting to have finally made this commitment, what it will turn out like, only God knows.


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