Discipleship Menu – Lifestyle (Part 2)

Discipleship-MOT-300x214In this second and final instalment of my thoughts on the lifestyle module (in the discipleship menu) we will look into how to be a disciple – in particular focusing on the example Jesus gave us. Also we will explore how best to witness to others.

We are all called to evangelise, it was Jesus’ final instruction to his followers before ascending into heaven that we should go out and make disciples of the world; baptising them in the name of the father, son and holy spirit (Matthew 28:19). However, many of us think that if we’re not wearing a dog collar we have no business spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. This could not be farther from the truth – the parable of the bags of gold (Matthew 25) demonstrates that God has given all of us talents to build the kingdom of God. It’s true that we can’t all be priests, nor are we all called to do so, however, we all have a role to play. Look at how the master rebukes the lazy servant who thinks the master can reap harvest where no seed has been scattered – the master challenges this which I think implies that we can’t just expect God’s kingdom to grow, we have to take an active part, however small.


Going through Mark’s gospel we can see the example that Jesus gave us in how we should conduct ourselves as disciples;

Mark 1:11 – Jesus was loved by God, so are we, this has to be the foundation of our discipleship

Mark 2:17 – Jesus knew his purpose and to whom he was here to help.

Mark 5:17 – In preaching Jesus was often disruptive, we shouldn’t be afraid to rock a few boats in the name of Christ.

Mark 6:7 – Jesus empowered others to minister, so too should we empower our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We should have confidence in the example of Jesus and remember that God stands with us as we witness to others. The story of Jonah has two important messages; firstly, that God never calls us to do something that we can’t do and secondly, there’s no point running from your calling. Sometimes it will be easy, other times it will be more difficult – remember though that through prayer all things are possible.




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