Genesis – Part 3: The Patriarchs

Christianity is an Abrahamic religion and key to Genesis and the Old Testament is the patriarchs - the founders of Israel; Abraham, his son Isaac, and Isaac’s son Jacob. In this, the third part of my look at Genesis I will examine each of the three main patriarchs, and the revelations God made to them.... Continue Reading →


When I started this blog page it was with the intention of sharing my journey through lay ministry. Anyone who knows me well will know that I have many interests and this has had the result of time being pulled in lots of different directions, often to the neglect of my Christian calling. Whether it... Continue Reading →

Genesis Part 1 – Creation and the Fall

It is widely accepted that Genesis was written by Moses; Jewish tradition and other biblical authors name Moses and Jesus himself confirmed Moses' authorship (John 5:45-47). The Bible is a library of books, the word Bible comes from the Latin biblia which means 'library'. It consists of 66 separate books, the first of which is... Continue Reading →

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