Catalonia: stay or go?

This time last year my partner and I had just arrived in Barcelona - we had a wonderful week and fell in love with the city; the food, the architecture and its citizens. As such the scenes happening today in Barcelona and across Catalonia are very hard to watch - not just as a lover... Continue Reading →


Hospitality evangelism

Yesterday I started my placement with the multi-faith chaplaincy at the University of Northampton; my first taste of chaplaincy life was helping at the welcome fair for new international students. We had a great turnout and it was a really useful opportunity to witness what Stuart (the university chaplain) had mentioned, but I had not... Continue Reading →

Unlikely converts and friendships

Last week a book I was reading and a film I watched had an unexpected connection - the book was Richard Coles' Fathomless Riches and the film was Pride. I would strongly recommend both; as a gay Christian who is in discernment for ministry Richard Coles' story of conversion from pop star to priest was... Continue Reading →

Genesis – Part 3: The Patriarchs

Christianity is an Abrahamic religion and key to Genesis and the Old Testament is the patriarchs - the founders of Israel; Abraham, his son Isaac, and Isaac’s son Jacob. In this, the third part of my look at Genesis I will examine each of the three main patriarchs, and the revelations God made to them.... Continue Reading →

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