Volunteering, local identity and national identity in the Napoleonic Wars

This blog post is part of the Education and Humanities Research seminars that the University of Northampton hosts every month. Some of you will know that I'm currently doing a masters in history at the University of Northampton; as part of this course we are expected to go along to as many of these seminars... Continue Reading →


A year on…

It's been 365 days since that fateful night which saw the shock election of Donald Trump against former first lady Hillary Clinton. I remember being absolutely gobsmacked when I watched the events unfold; a few months after experiencing the same shock with the Brexit vote, I thought, surely America wouldn't make the same mistake. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →


Patience, one of the great virtues and gifts of the spirit - unfortunately patience got left off the list when my gifts were being handed out. Those who know me well will know that I struggle with patience, I want to be control of my life; how and when things happen - sitting still is... Continue Reading →

Catalonia: stay or go?

This time last year my partner and I had just arrived in Barcelona - we had a wonderful week and fell in love with the city; the food, the architecture and its citizens. As such the scenes happening today in Barcelona and across Catalonia are very hard to watch - not just as a lover... Continue Reading →

Hospitality evangelism

Yesterday I started my placement with the multi-faith chaplaincy at the University of Northampton; my first taste of chaplaincy life was helping at the welcome fair for new international students. We had a great turnout and it was a really useful opportunity to witness what Stuart (the university chaplain) had mentioned, but I had not... Continue Reading →

Unlikely converts and friendships

Last week a book I was reading and a film I watched had an unexpected connection - the book was Richard Coles' Fathomless Riches and the film was Pride. I would strongly recommend both; as a gay Christian who is in discernment for ministry Richard Coles' story of conversion from pop star to priest was... Continue Reading →

Genesis – Part 3: The Patriarchs

Christianity is an Abrahamic religion and key to Genesis and the Old Testament is the patriarchs - the founders of Israel; Abraham, his son Isaac, and Isaac’s son Jacob. In this, the third part of my look at Genesis I will examine each of the three main patriarchs, and the revelations God made to them.... Continue Reading →

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