7 or 124?

Last night Theresa May suffered her first Commons defeat since the Brexit process began and while the symbolism behind the vote is important (not least because it represents that united the opposition can defeat the Government), I would argue that this 'historic' victory for the remainers was wasted on the wrong amendment. In reality the... Continue Reading →


What a mess!

A budget that doesn’t tackle any of the major problems we are facing, a Brexit deal shambles and a President who seems determined to declare war with the Muslim world – it’s been a bit of a manic few weeks. Apologies for the lack of blogs recently, it’s not only been a busy few weeks... Continue Reading →


On Thursday Joe and I were invited to a Thanksgiving meal hosted by our curate (whose wife is American). I have never been to a Thanksgiving meal before, not being American, however, I think of all the things we have imported from the states - Thanksgiving would be good one to include. Before you all... Continue Reading →

A year on…

It's been 365 days since that fateful night which saw the shock election of Donald Trump against former first lady Hillary Clinton. I remember being absolutely gobsmacked when I watched the events unfold; a few months after experiencing the same shock with the Brexit vote, I thought, surely America wouldn't make the same mistake. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →


Patience, one of the great virtues and gifts of the spirit - unfortunately patience got left off the list when my gifts were being handed out. Those who know me well will know that I struggle with patience, I want to be control of my life; how and when things happen - sitting still is... Continue Reading →

Catalonia: stay or go?

This time last year my partner and I had just arrived in Barcelona - we had a wonderful week and fell in love with the city; the food, the architecture and its citizens. As such the scenes happening today in Barcelona and across Catalonia are very hard to watch - not just as a lover... Continue Reading →

Hospitality evangelism

Yesterday I started my placement with the multi-faith chaplaincy at the University of Northampton; my first taste of chaplaincy life was helping at the welcome fair for new international students. We had a great turnout and it was a really useful opportunity to witness what Stuart (the university chaplain) had mentioned, but I had not... Continue Reading →

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